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Unicode keyboard layout editor

Fixed a bug that could lead to a new keyboard ID being set to 0 instead of the value in the dialog. Shows the default output for special keys in the status bar when editing a key within the window.
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  • by Anonymous

    EXCELLENT PROGRAM...JUST A LITTLE BIT TRICKY TO LEARN. After buying a Macbook Pro with an unusual keyboard layout I used Ukulele to completely remap several keys. You NEED to read the manual carefully before you attempt to use the program. There are three steps you need to do to create and INSTALL a new keyboard layout and you must reinstall a new layout if modify it again. Most importantly, you cMore

  • by Anonymous

    BAD!. Shitty app, you can't change more then 2 buttons starting from your current setup. Also, when you want to edit one of your .keylayout files, it can't be saved as .keylayout file anymore after you're done with it. Really silly and annoying bugs, that make using the app really frustrating and not useful. A shame, because it would come in very handy. Pros: Good concept. Cons: VERY obvious shortMore